fuck bin laden!

and fuck lindsay lohan! or more precisely, fuck the cocksucking nobodies who obsess over "somebodies" like her.

i can only imagine what it's like to raise a daughter these days, what with their heroes flashing their cunts, crashing whips, smoking pole, blowing coke, and dangling babies precariously on the brink of disaster like the shit was on sale. i guess it's teaching the kids that there's a sector of society in which the more you booze/dose/fuck/suck/maim/murder, the better your chances for superstardom.

can't act, sing, or dance?

no prob babydoll. just blow some anonymous cock on film and "leak" the video. we'll make a star of you yet sweetheart.

god save the queens. they're our only hope for a future.

that is all. i exhausted my thoughts on this 3 or 4 posts ago. get the fuck away from here.

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