I Bought You A Hamburger, Now Give Me A Handjob: Reprise, Or... Keys Open Doors!

"So many different things make me trill/Start with that "B" with wings over the grille/Maybe how my way with words make me Milll$$$/Or maybe it's my way with birds that's just too SKILLS..."

I don't have to explain myself to you...

Maybe I do...

Kasai fucking hates lists and is certainly not one to wantonly throw rap lyrics down, but shite... To whom it may concern:

Back to being a real person and shit (More so than ever actually)... Fighting to keep my mouth shut about the dirt that's been done in the last 12 months (Someone has to think of the children dammit!)... Falling in love with hip-hop/rap all over again... Sharing anecdotes about the Crack Mansion with complete strangers... Funding terrorism via Online Piracy (Come and get me Jake!)... On some ole Ezra Ledbetter shit, fitted up, 2 Legit 2 Quit... Too much for one cock to handle.

A certain Clipse verse comes to mind...

"Reminds me of how I applied myself, and why I now ride with TipTronic help".

When the new album from the Clipses drop?
It's too many ellipses Up-In-This-Bitch...

I make me sick.

This was an exercise in formatting, brought to you by blowhan's pussy lips and all that, yeah. Had this been a real emergency, you'd be fucked.


The Love Collective said...

Very interesting. Just showing love.


Daniel Cardona said...

I think of you. I've been keeping it real out in the streets. Not hearing from you and not reading the blog made me think of you in some squat living the militant live or somewhere too hardcore for Wall Street Hedge Fund Managers.

So how have you been? Get thrills imagining the reality which is the picture.