If I Ruled The World... I'd Free All My Sons...

FACT: 98.5% of blogs are utter shite, poorly written and conceptually flawed.
FACT: There isn't much point to this when things are so one-sided.
FACT: I had no idea there were so many fake titties in Bmore.


A Time To Be So Small...

Nota Bene... from the Chairmen Of The Bored...

When Kasai says he has that "Spirit Of Ecstasy Dick", he means that his dick puts these skeezers into a state of, well, ecstasy, NOT that his dick is, when erect, the size of the little winged lady on the hood of a Rolls Royce. Just thought we'd clarify for the shine-killing haters out there.


By The Power Of Greyskull!

This is some ole bullshit!

Won't tackle Vampire Weekend on the cover, for now. Christ himself knows that Blogger doesn't have the bandwidth to contain my hatred of these fucks and their music.

I'm just curious as to when American music stopped being cool. Maybe it was around the time Klaxons hit their stride and NME nearly shit a brick over nu rave. Nevermind that the fantastic First Impressions Of Earth dropped around the same time. We've certainly had our share of wackness over the years, but everybody gets a little goofy from time to time.

I just find all this a bit funny when I think about the fact that so many of the UK's rock icons are nothing more than shameless biters, many of whom looked to all but forgotten American masters for their source material. 

I think I'm more upset about these nerds on the cover than the other bit, but as I said, that's for another time. Who the fuck reads this shit anyway? Any Brit music fan worth a damn has a subscription to MOJO anyway. Fuck NME.