Beating the Michael Jackson Quotient, one day at a time

i read an article not too long ago about how deft Prince (the Artist) has been over the years at beating a phenomenon the writer referred to as the "Michael Jackson Quotient." put simply the quotient refers to the exponential talent, notoreity, and success of these artists, and the consequent potential for a post-prime meltdown, as evidenced by the last 10 or 15 years of Michael Jackson's life. amazingly, Prince has thoroughly avoided the pratfalls of hyperfame. no cancer boys, no ranches, no monkeys, no lawsuits over borrowed millions, no bankrupty, and hell, he's still banging out music that's worth a listen. the latest blurb on the cat might reference the lawsuit filed against the Artist for vandalizing (painting his symbol all over the walls) the apartment rented out to him by NBA player Carlos Boozer. not much more than that. it's only for like 70k anyway. better than millions.

watching Purple Rain last night helped me further understand the Quotient (MJQ). i mean the film is awesome, bottom line, but it showcases a lot of the early Prince egotism and eccentricity that could have easily resulted in some sort of prostitution scandal or high speed blast down the 405, maybe even tax evasion. but no, we got none of that.

instead, the man has remained culturally relevant, and we're laughing with him, not at him (those of us who know what's up anyway). According to the tenets of the Michael Jackson Quotient, Prince's stellar Super Bowl halftime show should not even have happened. he would have never been asked by the NFL or CBS to helm the program in the first place. no way. according to MJQ theory, he would either be in prison, preparing for a courtroom showdown of some sort, or freebasing moonrocks in a vegas motel. but instead, he beasted out to show the world that he's no mj. thank god.

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