these are our heroes?

like mr. costello said, "When I was your age they would say we can become cops, or criminals. Today, what I'm saying to you is this: when you're facing a loaded gun, what's the difference?"

what is the fucking difference? we are all, at our cores, the same. funda-fucking-mentally identical, with slight variations that give us personality.

it is for this reason that i strongly reject the notion of society's so-called elite. certainly, this isn't a case of hateration. more like the acknowledgement of a simple fact: even the greatest among us is reduced to a sniveling, pants-wetting coward when placed into a dire situation, such as being sodomized with the barrel of a .50 caliber revolver by a madman in a mask.

these are but men.

these are but tiny, insignificant men in a grand, fucked up scheme that they could not hope to comprehend. not with all the time on the clock. not with a billion supercomputers and all the world's nerds.

that's why i hate the term expert. fortunately, the last few years have proven that experts don't know shit, other than that people refer to them as experts and thus they must puff out their chests and wear their glasses low on their noses and look down those noses at non-experts and go to the experts association convention every year in chicago. you get a nifty t-shirt at the end of the weekend.


only a pompous fool would feel comfortable with the label of expert.

but all this pales in comparison to my disdain for the celebrity. oh yes. particularly, the conspicuous, windbag-activist, douchebag celebrity, of which there is no shortage. pretty much everyone except johnny depp and jack nicholson.

but what does it say about the collective, the g.p., when we're all kissing these fucker's shitstained loafers? why should i be privy to what some actor is wearing/thinking/saying/doing/driving/eating/drinking/playing/fucking? they're just living, breathing props. i wholly agree with capote's view that even someone as "talented" as marlon brando was "as dumb as a post." any pathological liar or manic depressive can do this job. i've been told so by aspiring actors.

these people aren't offering us all that much. pretty much like paying for two hours of sex, then going home to our significant others. but we're sure as hell giving them our hides in return. fuck the bunny ranch, i'm talking 200k/hr in some cases.

we fucking love hollywood. we would fuck it in the mouth if we could.

and therein lies the comedy of our fame machine. a nation of dimwitted sycophants nebbishly fawning over the "stars" (and every bit of minutiae regarding their daily lives), then literally busting a nut when they "shockingly" fall from grace (see: Britney Spears). it's literally high school, only more perverse, which i didn't think was possible.

celebrities? experts?

these are our heroes? why not 95% of doctors, teachers, first responders, single parents, or community activists? i say 95% because as with any field, there are definitely hack doctors, teachers, first responders, single parents, and community activists.

i guess the reason lies in the fact that we do fucked-up priorities better than any country this side of the third world.

now fuck off. i'm gonna go watch E