Practice?! Y'all Wanna Talk About Practice?! Not The Game... But Practice?!

The Question. For the real heads.

The Answer. The Slow Spin - so many summer days spent perfecting this shit on the garage court. Don't sweat the technique. I love how he's rocking the baggy ass shorts before cats got hip and realized it wasn't 1989 anymore. Bonus Fun Fact: my second cousin was the dude gettin' spun up in this A.I. advert.

Not even.


Hustlin' Man

Is it just me, or does fat Tracy Morgan resemble Beanie Sigel a lot more than slimmed-down boozehound Tracy Morgan does? And oh yeah, this is my 300th post, but who gives a fuck?


You Should Feel What I Feel, You Should Take What I Take.

MP3: Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar feat. Au Revoir Simone
I have forgotten what it feels like to have my head in the vice, the wolves at my heels, the whining babes writhing in my abdomen. The demons are at the breach, chomping at the shit, but I couldn't be bothered, sitting here with ragged veins, sipping on a Jack + Water in a manner that could only be described as playful.

It is summer, and the coquettes are ripe for the ruination.


Choose Yr Own Adventure.

Is yr life beginning to resemble a Matthew McConaughey/Kate Hudson romantic comedy?

Are you still fucking cheesed over the cancellation of "Night Court"?

Got yr fist up the ass of Fortune, but still no pot of gold?

Is there a My Lai Massacre jumping off in yr pants?

Feeling lonesome at the Junior Prom that is Life?

Has it all gone, Pete Tong?

- Don't SWEAT it -

Like Herpes Simplex-II.

thug life


Ulaanbaatar Stand Up!

As the line goes, everybody wants to be black... until the cops come.

These Mongolian rappers are the sons of Genghis Khan though, so I guess yeah, that gives them some cred. And it's not as terrible as a lot of the "international rap" I've heard of late. You know what? I'm actually gonna start bumpin' this shit.


Podcast: Long Live The Kang v.1

On some Egyptian Magician shit, I just blessed the interzone with the good podcast. As my giant clam is on the fritz, it's just a straight up, middle school mixtape, alphabetized for yr pleasure. Drink it up.

n.b. Player's on the right hand side of the page, in the sidebar.

Long Live The Kang v.1 Tracklist:

Alan Braxe + Fred Falke - Horizon

Alex Gopher - Brain Leech

Annie - Helpless Fool For Love (Patrick Wolf Remix)

Annie - My Heartbeat (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Asobi Seksu - Thursday (The Twelves Remix)

Atlantic Connection - Rocksteady (L.A. Riots Remix)

Baltimore Bass Connection - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover)

The Bar-Kays - Do It (Let Me See You Shake) (Romeo Erotic rmx)

Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do?

The Black Ghosts - Face

The Black Ghosts - Any Way You Choose To Give It

Bloc Party - 2 More Years (MSTRKRFT Remix)

The Bloody Beetroots - Dimmakommunication

The Blow - Hock It (YACHT remix)

Bonde Do Role - Caminhao De Gas

Brazilian Girls - Jique (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Buddy Akai - Cut Me Up (Villains Remix)

Cajuan - Dance/Not Dance (Digitalism Remix)

Calvin Harris - Merrymaking At My Place

Cansei de Ser Sexy - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex (KILL THE NOISE rmx)

Cassius - See Me Now (25 Hours A Day Remix)

Cerebral Vortex - 1980

Choreo - High Five

The Cinematics - Break

Claude VonStroke - The Whistler (Diplo Remix)

Crookers - My Penny

Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating

Crystal Castles - Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. HEALTH)

Cansei De Ser Sexy - A La La (Gorky Remix)

Cut Copy - Lights And Music

Cut Copy - I Was Young And I Needed The Money

Cut Off Your Hands - You And I

D.I.M. - Is You

Danger - 11h30

Dead Disco - The Treatment (Metronomy Remix)

Digitalism - Pogo

DJ Blaqstarr - Shake It To The Ground feat. Rye Rye

DJ Mehdi - Lucky Boy feat. Fafi


Take acid, get drunk, get fucked, that's what's up, drop pills, take spills, J yr D, pop that twee!

thunderheist - jerk it from thatgo on Vimeo.

It has not yet begun to bite.
Suzie Q,
make it a double.
edmund tibbles put the scribble on hold for a little.
piece of the axiom.
isuzu joe made sure I would remember his face.
til the end of TIME.
magazines blow their load on full auto.
she told me she was well blotto.
so i made it.
put it in yr mouth like Akinyele say.
I am Iron-Man!


I'm Just A Rock N' Roll Clown Baby!

An Ode To Joy.
Always Outnumbered and Never Outgunned and all that Yaz.

a deep pocket heavy weather sweetnighter head hunter with a taste for baby blood. gonna blow white christmas up my nose... for unlawful carnal knowledge...