Anybody Wanna Go To Warped Tour And Cause Problems?

There are few things that get me foamin' harder than the very notion of the City of Baltimore and non-Chainsaw Diaries iterations of The Real World. Thus, combining the two is a guaranteed Level 5. Sure, it has been confirmed that a season of the (shit)show is to be filmed in Bmore. But this shit right here gives me one more reason to long for Death To Man.

Video of the walking abortions responsible for this super-funny video getting their dicks sucked (unfortunately, not literally) by 14-year-old know-nothing cunns is found below.


You Could Find Me In The Streets, Even In A Drought, My Mattress Is Full, Why Shouldn't I Be Out?

Degrees won't mean shit when we're eating each other, man. When we're, when we're fucking burning our CHILTRIN to stay warm in a post-9/11 dystopia. Mannnnnnn. BURN YR CHILTRIN. On to blackout. I suggest you do likewise. Who's to say there's enough left?


Live Through This.

It is inadvisable to black out with yr Mac out. Yet, it could be argued that it is equally as foolhardy to nod out with yr rod out.

Niggas just tryin to scam on some craw, Breau. From downtown. Nothing to say really. Nothing to report broh craw lee. Real shite.


We Are Baltimore.

I can feel the ludacrity leeching into my lymbic system. Subcutaneous seepage that lets me know I'm still here. But for fuck's sake! Danny Glover beatin' the shit out of a Predator?! How you gon' sleep on that?!


Children Should Be Scene And Not Herd.

I have a disturbing imagination. If I could draw, I would make art. I would make a sketchbook out of the things I dreamponder and I would call it art. I would sell the art to make money, which would allot me the time to create even more sketchbooks. I would become known in various circles for my art, which I would be making money off of. If I could draw.