strange froot.

the imagery's unmistakable. uncomfortable, right? of course it is. one of the darkest chapters in the dubious history of this land of the free, home of the knave. so imagine my dismay when, while perusing the sewers of the MySpace megapolis, i stumbled upon a chick that listed "lynching niggers" as one of her interests.

jesus christ.

but this wasn't one of the usual suspects. oh no. this was one of those cosmopolitan, chronically tattooed, pudgy, i-wish-i-was-Bettie Page types. you know what i'm talking about. i mean it's kinda hot, but honestly, it's 2007. what the fuck was so great about the '50s anyway? was it the Cold War paranoia? the Jim Crow segregation? the shitty tekmology? just wonderin'?

but anyway, back to our lynch artist. you know, i really don't even know where to begin with this. but i will say that though obviously this chick wasn't serious (there were black faces in her comments section), i'd kinda prefer that she was. at least then i would get the impression that she understood the gravity of implying that you enjoy "lynching niggers."

while i'm at it, this brings to light another haunting, MySpace-centric trend i've noticed as of late: the wanton use of "nigga/nigger" by adolescent white females as a term of endearment.

unlike Al sharpton, Russell Simmons, or Dennis Hayes, i'm not going to turn this into a BLACKS ONLY blame game or some referendum that indicts the entire black race for creating the circumstances that would lead to this painfully insensitive irreverence. nope. i'm not an asshole like that.

instead, i'm going to turn this into a drawing of conlusions, primary among which is that collectively speaking, my generation is a bunch of fucking shitheads.

how else would you explain the atrocious ubiquity of MySpace, the condoning of Paris Hilton et al., or the broad acceptance of a band like Fall Out Boy? Sure, every generation has some shit band that's a bastardized version of a better, but less marketable artist or group, but there's just something about those cats that's pure fucken EVIL.

to further my claim, i offer another example. Brit TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson did a series for the BBC in which he roamed about Las Vegas, "Jaywalking style," asking cats to name a (as in one?!) country in Europe. of the 12-15 interviewed, none could. not even one. 75% of them were of "my generation." unforgivable.

but before the "Baby BOOMers" take their cocks out of their mouths long enough to say "i told you so," let's not forget who raised us, eh? who forged our sensibilities. who gave us our right and wrong. who it was that was supposed to educate us. that's right you fucking potbellied hippies, it was YOU!

quite frankly, there's no reason for our current state. most of us came of age during the pinnacle of American, nay, human civilization: the 1990s. Sure the nascent years of Hunter S. Thompson's post-American century have sucked a fat dick so far, but who better to turn that around than the most beast generation the world has ever known?

so in closing, to the chick that's into (or not into?) lynching, hopefully you read this, go to your local gun shop, buy a pistol and swallow a bullet. or better yet, shoot over to Home Depot, cop a 20' length of rope, ring around the rosie, and leap off a chair. see how that bothers ya.

and to the rest of you. wake the fuck up! there's a battle outside raging and you've forgotten how to fight.
vive le cirque!

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Daniel Cardona said...

Most relevant thought I've read this whole week.

I shall formally introduce myself one of these days.