Politics, science, and how to keep sane

Jesus christ.
Politicians in this country sure can spew some bullshit. It's amazing to me how some of these stupid mother fuckers can be so fucking ignorant. It's like they choose to ignore the obvious and shoot logic to hell. I don't want to get topic specific, I'm not afraid what so ever that I can't completely stomp some of their practiced bullshit rhetoric, it's just that there’s so many fucking factors in each argument that I recognize that makes me a sane person, whereas they choose to ignore these factors and everything and so on. If you ever have any hope instilled for this or any country, hold that close and tight, but for fucks sake don't turn on CBS.

What would be the worldwide implications if no one lied and everyone spoke their feelings? We'd live in a world possibly more fucked up than the current one. I think we would find out in about five minutes that human nature is truly evil. Inside of all of us, inside the warm flesh and smiles, bouncing around like bunnies, there is a fucking evil solid black core that could burn through granite. I mean, consider this. Our bodies and being are simply extensions of primarily the brain, which is a product of greed. Every cell in the body cooperates with another for the benefit of the entire body but I believe that to be irrelevant. The blueprint, the operating system of a cell is DNA. The only purpose of DNA is replicate consume WIN. Self benefit. Survival of the fittest. So whether you like it or not (or maybe you've embraced it, you sick fuck. I like how you think. Lets get together sometime over a drink and some friendly neighborhood violence. How grandiose.) you are a festering programmed lump of greed. Self benefit, fuck the world, I'm trying to skeet all over place. The civilization of humanity is a complete myth. I'm not helping you climb the ladder, I'm busy climbing my own, and in all honestly I'll push your shit over when you're on the top rung if I can justify the benefits. Sickly breeding humans we are. Stupider and more greedy were getting by the minute and yet were breeding and creating more intolerant whining children at every fucking tick of the second hand. The wise are going crazy and dying off, written off in pathetic heartfelt eulogies across the land and they're being replaced by scrubs I tell you. An irreversible generation of waste we are.

Goddammit have I made any sense? Do I even care? Here I am sitting at my fucking computer making no difference in anything bitching about god knows what and when. I'm just waiting for next moment in life that grabs me by the wrists and slaps me in the face and says boy this is the essence, this is the shit life is all about. A couple weeks ago the stuff that was most gripping for me was some real hard, scary dangerous shit. But those habits are being kicked to the curb slowly (slowly) and life is becoming more about subtle moments. Seeing a hot girl and wanting to fuck her for example. Thinking about when life was great in the past. Some bullshit childhood memory when everything was perfect in your little microcosm of an existence. Hearing some lick or two of brilliance inside a song. Hearing some mother fucker play guitar like his momma just died makes hot blood pump to the center of my head and just makes me forget about all the pain, agony and hatred that consumes all the so called good left in the world.
So what the fuck. Happiness is a bold faced lie and just builds you up to fall farther when shit does crumble. Happiness is a motherfucker but it's great. And darkness is the essence, the truth, reality but it's no way to live. Too much darkness and you'll blast your head open with the Makarov you keep in your closet. Love is torturous and loneliness is the motherfucker of all motherfuckers. The best way thing I can think of, at least what to do to keep sane is to mix pleasure with the sickest most disturbing shit I can fathom. When I'm having a nice intelligent conversation with someone, I smile and nod to tell them everythings great, but I'm really thinking about killing endangered animals with a spiked club and getting blood all over my pants. When I enjoy the serenity of wilderness I remind myself to think of dousing gas all over it and burning it to the fucking ground then laying down and doing drugs on the ashes. When I'm in the intimacy of an extremely intense sexual experience I think about cutting babies open, stepping in dog shit and planes crashing. No survivors here. Its the same story as last week when little Johnny got drunk and crashed his parents Benz into a goddam tree. You knew he couldn't handle it and you gave him the fucking keys anyway. Nice job. Now go masturbate to crummy internet smut and spread your fucking worthless seed into a napkin so nothing good ever comes of it.

I hate you.

1-31-07 11:17 pm eastern

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