You go grrrrl!

conformist's choice... identify yourself, cuz there's been a lot of enemies at the gates and i won't fall for their tomfoolery more than twice, got a vice grip on life and i refuse to let them fuck up my shine. put it there buddy. i was raised by vipers that'd spit in your eye as soon as look at cha, bit me about the face (repeatedly) when i was an infant to make me into a real man. no water in the desert, no rest for the weary and no heartbeat in this chest cavity, just pure fucken fire, got it? an eternal joyride that no one's troubling themselves with lately. they say the universe has no edge but i've seen it, been there, done that, cowabunga dudes, messed me up real bad though. because now, like right now, i know i can't die, know that i cannot be fazed by earthly delights and diamond nights with emerald eyed girls. i'm here for my thrills, so leave the pills under the doormat. i get paid next friday, can't wait to live life my way.


Cam Québec said...

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The Conformist's Choice said...

who else can it be? i have reformed myself after years of abusing women, substances, alcohol, freedoms afforded by the bill of rights, and physical strength i have seen the error in my totally righteous ways and forged a new path to the promised land of the moral highground. i can only serve as a voice of moderation and self restraint for this blog, but i believe it will be a welcome tone and a refreshing change of pace from the institutionalized debauchery, albeit with intelligence founded upon reasonable thought (serving to make a more ruthless breed of intolerance and anger), afforded in heaping doses to the readers and contributors alike. just kidding, its the same old gannon. i could no more take the moral highroad in a dialogue than give up drinking bourbon, which has been proven to make me funnier and better looking. id also like to congratulate all the contributors, it seems like everytime i check back theres a new post thats funny, intelligent, or at least inflamatory. i hope i can keep the quality of this blog high and contribute my own brand of madness to this mosaic of social irresponsibility. BOW!