"loves his mother. loves pcp."

i know there's been a lot of drug-related foolishness going on around here as of late. now that doesn't mean that we're a bunch of junkies (?). nor does it mean that we're neglecting unicorn week. it simply means that we've long acknowledged the drug culture that is America. of course i'm not just talking weed leaf tattoos and cheech and chong or crackhead imagery in the urban northeast. i'm talking about trying to watch the mainstream, network evening news and being bombarded by a bevy of bodacious babes and hardbodied hunks telling me how much i need this new wunderdrug that lowers bad cholesterol and makes my wang thicker, with only mild side effects. heart failure and liver problems are well worth the trouble if it means i can add to my girth. girth's more important than length anyway, as the most sensitive nerve endings in the vagina are densely packed in the first few inches. the more you know!

i digress.

fucken ay. it's become painfully aware that the television has become some sort of horrible, won't take no for an answer apothecary. thank god for the interweb. i'm not sure of the year, but someone gave the greenlight to direct marketing some time back and it was a free for all from there on out.

the message: fuck off pharms. most of us don't want/need your dope.

and briefly on the above youtube clip. i mean, what's there to be said that can't be gleaned from watching it. a bit of background. this is some afterschool special/health class video starring helen hunt in her pre-oscar years as a misguided young lady strung out on pcp, raging about like banshee. enjoi.

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