(No I Do Not Like) Green Eggs and Cam('Ron)

don't get me wrong. i used to fuck with eggs, fucked with em pretty heavy like. but something happened over the years, some sort of traumatic experience turned me off, ruined this breakfast staple's rep for me. through careful analysis, i've realized that the culprit wasn't me being tricked into thinking that painted easter eggs were delicious chocolate treats, only to find that they were actual stinking fucking eggs out of a chicken's puss or wherever. no that was what? age four? so that wouldn't explain it. it might have just been total egg saturation, too much of a good thing, mixed with my parents' disdain for the wasting of food (you know with the starving children in somalia and china, and america for that matter).

this disillusionment with the egg, in many ways, reflects the saga of my relationship with Dipset. Starting in about 2004, in the wake of the Black Album, and with G-Unit getting all Picadilly Square on us, i turned to the gentlemen of Diplomats/Byrd Gang/Purple City for my mainstream rap jollies. and it worked, not just for me, but for a lot of internet seekers, dopeboys, and mixtape fiends. new york radio rap that didn't apologize, for anything. not for the nursery rhyme raps, not the bizarre logo, or the graphic imagery of cumshots, the garish application of the color purple, or the relentless quest to rhyme things with lamborghini. none of that mattered. in fact, in '05, upon hearing of the release of Juelz's 'What the Game's Been Missing,' i literally nutted in my pants. i still have them. i can mail them if you'd like.

but after the radio/ipod/car stereo break in of juelz's album, something happened. here we see the aftermath of cam's bizarre near-murder in d.c. in the carolina blue Lambo Gallardo. videos on youtube of these motherfuckers riding bicycles around the city at night like 12 year olds and a whole bunch of other shit i don't even know about because of my dwindling interest in the "Dipset."

maybe it was the high schoolers in the mall with 'we got it for cheap' and 'stop snitchin' tees barking "DIPSET!" in unison before stomping the shit outta some cat (in front of his chick and child) for no apparent reason.

who knows. all i know is that it's wack city, and that i do not like green eggs and Cam. hopefully these fucks (and new york as a whole) can get their heads out of their asses and really show us what the game's been missing.

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