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the House allegedly gave the greenlight to anti-price-gouging legislation this week. you know, in regards to the fucked up petrol situation? in short, the bill would target anyone (gargantuan corporations as individuals? not again!?!) seeking out an "unfair advantage" in the energy market or who charges "unconscionably excessive" prices. of course, texas-republican-fuckface Joe Barton argued that the language of the bill was vague, that he didn't know what "unconscionably excessive" means.

of course you do you twat!

it means that gasoline's becoming a fucking luxury item. it means that over 60% of heads that make less than $35k a year feel that the meteoric pre-summer rise in prices is a serious problem. and there are a lot more cats making that amount, or less, than Barton and Co. would like to admit.

Congress wants to break up the Big Five oil companies, seeing trust-busting as the only way to rein in prices. of course "independent" analysts and other asshole "experts" rebut that this is the wrong way to go.

so, in essence, we lose either way.

either Congress is desperately out of touch on this issue (much in the same way they are with most everything else), or the "experts" are on the take, and will fight to the death to maintain the supremacy of the Grand High Exalted ExxonMobil and Its Ordained Auxilliaries.

of course, one can say that, adjusted for currency exchange and measurement discrepancies, we pay a lot less than all of europe (think 6-8 bucks a gallon, adjusted of course).

but fuck that. British Petroleum is like fucking nitroglycerin compared to our watered down nonsense. and besides. last i checked, no one has busted their balls as thoroughly as the U.S. to get in on that cut-rate hookup. fucken at-cost. fucken saudi arabians pay less than a dollar a gallon. subsidies. but then there's the whole beheading thing. ouch.

so i guess my question is, what does it take to get people in this country pissed off? en masse? it surely isn't getting jerked by enormous corporations. and let's face it: the only reason most of us began to oppose the war was because we were "losing," not out of any sense of decency or astuteness.

the children have been telling you to wake up for quite some time now. what do you say we give em a listen?

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