i got a woman and she won't be true.

i recently received an email inquiring as to why i haven't been as prolific with the posts this week.


thoughts of respiratory failure, talk of re-admitting myself to rehab, behind in every class, persistent ringing in the ears, broadband's fucked, closed eye visuals of murder scenes, nasty head cold, debilitating panic attacks, hearing various voices as i attempt to fall asleep at night, profuse nosebleeds (and i haven't had a nosebleed since i was six, so draw your own conclusions), dreams predicting the first of said nosebleeds, bone-crippling alienation, and general scumbaggery.

so there you have it, kipper1131986. i'm pretty much a walking advert for any one of ONDCP's numerous anti-drug campaigns. The Crash + Mental Illness = The Anti-Drug. as a "for instance."

happy you fuck?

as for the video, though i'm not on any (on account of the wholly american condition of being uninsured), i can def relate to this video for placebo's "meds" more than i'd like to admit.

maybe i'll get busy again when shit blows over, huh? got some essays in the works (lotta fucked up shit is going down as we speak and i can't sleep on the children as they weep), so don't pee your pants, just hold your horses, just hold tight babydoll, clouds'll clear soon enough.

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