A Shirt, A Shirt, My Kingdom for a Shirt!

the first time i saw this mini-doc, i was firmly entrenched in a "Crime Scene" of my own. a tiny little house just outside the nation's capital, breaking hearts and federal laws, pushin up daisies and having the time of my life.

if i remember correctly, timemachine had smashed a framed reproduction of the Last Supper in a drunken rage the night before, so shards of glass were all over the sofa and the already-blood-stained, matted carpet. bare feet, not an option. add to that various stems, scales, and big-faced bills littering the filthy "living room" table, and you're on your way to a head full of nightmares and a nose full of trouble.

so how inspiring it must've been that weekend to see one of our greatest heroes, desperately beckoning for a shirt, amidst the filth and the nastiness and the disorder, crashing about Crime Scene Central. Tagged the wall, just so the haters wouldn't forget.

"hey you guys, that's what we call this place." you should've seen us. filled with glee and hope and pride. like the young buck who rocks the new Lebrons and comes to believe that he can do what the actual Lebron can do, just by virtue of the shoe. you know how it is.

our exploits aside, "Hired Gun" offers in-depth insights into both Pete Doherty's lunacy as well as his stellar musicianship. won't you give it a go?

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