knife wounds about the face and neck.

fucking perfect! finally! the moment i've eagerly awaited since the day i started doing this shit. the hate! i love the boo! like if i were terrell owens or mike vick, i would go to a strip club, pull a couple cunts, take them to my condo and beat off on their faces while envisioning the booing crowds at the georgia dome. that's how deep it goes.

in reference to the "bonny darko [sic]" post, "anonymous" writes, "The name of the guy is MARKO, so it makes you the retard!!" turns out it is marko. whoever you are, you have no idea how happy this makes me! research was never one of my strong suits in skool.

but i know a kid named marko and he's a total faggot; he drives a bright orange grand cherokee with chrome rims for god's sake. and a ski rack! fuck! so i'd say darko is much more fitting for the son of a genocidal perpetrator.

but thank you for the correction. and the hate. can't forget the hate. for pointing out my grievous error and validating me as a human being, i'm gonna hook you up with 100 Schrute bucks. that is, if you want em? but how could you turn these down? 1000 Schrute bucks can be redeemed for an extra five minutes of lunchtime. crucial.

all you have to do to claim your reward is send a SASE to:
I Want My Schrute Bucks God Dammit!
P.O. Box 601255
Baltimore, MD, 21210

keep up the good work you fact checker you. maybe i should make mistakes more often. maybe things'll get racial? hopefully.

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