all i wanna do is ride around shinin while i can afford it!

Aston Martin Bulldog: "Daddy?"

De Lorean DMC-12: "Son?"

fuck a Porsche. any rich asshole can drive a Lamborghini. Ferrari?

naw son, gimme this shit. the Aston Martin Bulldog (pictured above), designed by William Towns.

in the words of Dylan, "the retard son of the De Lorean (DMC-12)."

while it's not the cultural icon the De Lorean DMC-12 was (nor was its designer the utter maniac that John Z. De Lorean was; look him up), i've got big plans for this Aston.

can't you hear the DopeBoys callin?

"ay yo yayo, there go Kasai!"

cruising down the boulevard, five-miles-an-hour-so-everybody-sees-me!

wearing a filthy wedding dress, bumpin ManTronix, rockin the authentic Geordi La Forge Star Trek visor. a few eightballs scattered about my lap. running down any pedestrian who dares to look me in the eye.

and with the rakish angle of the hood/windshield/A-pillar, you'd think that old ladies would just glide right off the car. possibly the greatest implement for vehicular manslaughter ever created!

plenty ice round my neck so i don't get nauseous!

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I want it!