i just flash my nuts on em. that's grown man shit. that's how i get in the club. don't need no fuckin ID.

not to be confused with...

if i had this shit, i'd probably just walk around with it, ya know? take it to the club, flash it on the first 10 i see and be on my way. i mean it's one thing to carry around a human skull. i've tried it, as a gag. doesn't go over very well with the general public. but when that skull is artfully encrusted in diamonds? then people don't mind so much that you're carrying a dead person's headfacebone like a football.

ohhhhh snap! and the gargantuan pink diamond (cost: 8M USD) just puts shit over the top for me.

now i just need 90 million more singles and i can have the whole head. that's a lot of 8-balls i'd be missing out on though. but hey, it's all about the steelo. and when i tire of the threats to my health and safety that will inevitably come along with owning something like this, i can always sell it off to some gay Asian sultan or some shit like that. maybe that cat with the diamond-encrusted Nikes who wants to fuck Usher. marked up. obvi! return on investment munhfuckas!

the skull's creator, Damien Hirst, def goes in the books as a pretty far out character (Exhibit A), so it follows that he'd create this hyperbolic head of blood diamonds.

and in case you were wondering, there are 8,601 diamonds in all, set in a platinum cast. like part of a bad rap video made material.

at London's White Cube gallery, when asked by noone in particular what the skull represents, the artist smugly replied, "It shows we are not going to live forever. But it also has a feeling of victory over death."

aren't the metaphysics just gorgeous? i think so. and therefore, so do you.

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