i wish.

i gave a kid a cigarette today while i was trapped at the light. he couldn't have been older than 15. i know, i'm going to hell. that was certain long before today. not like there's a hell to go to anyway.

but were there a heaven and hell, maybe i wouldn't be so indefatigably hellbound, because it was my second to last cig, and i never give sticks away when i'm down to five or less, not even to chicks with fake tits. and i love fucking fake tits!

so you see, it was an act of charity.

i just wish cigs weren't so bad for you. and i wish chicks' assholes weren't so tight. like trying to stick a nail into a brick. and i wish ferraris were mass produced, toyota camry style, so i could cop one without having to rob a few banks first. and i wish heroin wasn't so dangerous. and i wish you fucks hadn't elected Bush twice. and i wish i knew every word in the dictionary.

but most of all, i wish i was a little bit taller, i wish i was a baller, i wish i had a girl who looked good i would call her, i wish i had a rabbit in a hat wit a bat and a 64 impala.

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Laughing Robot said...

I wish boys would stop talking about anal sex. What is up with boys and anal sex? I wish i lived in a sunny country were i didn't have to work (and hear boys talking about anal sex) and could sit on the beach all fucking day with an ipod. i wish i had an ipod. i wish i had an i mac. i wish i owned macintosh.I'm french so i was born wishing cigs weren't bad for you. I wish ciagrettes actually helped you gain weight and have big breasts. i would be one happy, breasty, chubby(er) girl.

theres a song by Monomanix 'tu veut me faire l'amour par le derrière, et tu dis que tu connais les bonnes manières?':):)