stop making sense: the end of an epoch?

"Jensen. Jensen! pay attention."
(muffled apology)
"2007, anno domini."

(clears throat. adjusts ascot accordingly)

let it be known
i won't bother with yr piecemeal heartsongs.
oh no. not this one.
bless me with a glistening, shining thing instead.
ANYthing to make these tepid days burn hotter kotter.
yayyy! early CHRISTmas!
CHRISTmas in the Carribean?
The Sudan?
must get going.
just heading out to the shoppes for a moment.
to fulfill some basic needs, you see.
take care.
watch them for me.
those intangible, abstract, matter-of-fact, actual contractual futures that consume so much of our time around here.
a prospector's hopes for golden waters.
that's what's left for us.
when we return that is.
H-O-P-E springs eternal.
burns infernal in the tiny hearts of little men and women.
no matter where you look.
that's what they'll say, when prompted.
but don't be silly Millie.
this is all US babydoll!
fighting for our lives in the storm of the century!
just a few days old, but we're already the odds-on favorites.

vive le cirque!

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