strip me bare and i am naked.

12 positions. hmm. plenty of downforce if ya know what i'm sayin to ya?

if i were made of carbon fiber, i would totally walk around naked, so motherfuckers could see my fiber weave and junk.

and since i would be 10 times lighter than steel, but several times stronger, i would so just run up on some geezer and be all like, "hey fuck you, you fucken butty man!" and he would be all like, "oy, i don't take no crap offa nobody, 'specially not no twat like you!"

then he'd punch me. wherever. don't matter.

and his hand would break. compound fracture. and i would laugh and take Polaroids of that shit and scan them on my scanner and then put them on Flickr. then i would take his girl and say c'mon baby, you don't want a man with a broken hand and no land. lemme give you some of this carbon fiber lovin. that daddy dik! once you go flak you never go back, ya know?!

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