u used to get it in your fishnets, now u only get it in your nightdress.

what a homo.

WARNING: if you've ever had seizures or been diagnosed with epilepsy, it's probably not best to watch this video. there's a pretty freaky, Pokemon-esque flashing sequence that's been causing some Britons problems as of late. around 1:46 in. just tryin to help you out. and you didn't think i cared. plus i can't really afford a lawsuit right now. sooo... this disclaimer of sorts ended up being much longer than i'd planned. oh well. no harm in that i guess. but you know what they say. brevity is the soul of wit. i must be pretty fucken dumb then, ey?

i heard about this last night on Pightline and i just think it's absolutely fucking hilarious. it's a promo vid for the freshly rolled London 2012 Olympics. more specifically, it's the rollout for the official logo of the London Games. ahh yes, that logo. apparently causing a lot of heartache across the pond.

"it's ugly, innit?"

"a colossal waste of money."

"colours are all wrong, mate."


this campaign cost approx. 400,000 GBP, and the city is already over budget on that Olympic advert tip. they're even considering raising taxes to help stop the bleeding. always a popular proposal.

but i have to say, i don't see what all the fuss is about. let's not forget the 1996 ATL Olympics mascot, Izzy. total fucken fruit. like an anthropomorphized lightning bolt or something. wack city. and those Olympics saw a bombing. surely you don't want that London City? no one does. so in light of that fact, maybe things aren't as bad as ya make em to be, ay?

suffice to say that whoever designed this campaign has to be under 25 years of age. so much neon! the jittery, unfocused graphics? and the IDM/Afrobeat soundtrack? c'mon. really. c'mon.

definitely a frequenter of raves. a real club kid. maybe a Klaxons fan. very possible. speed freak? definitely a fastidious consumer of hallucinogens. and the lack of foresight (putting an epilepsy inducing, flashing sequence in, despite the well documented epilepsy issue) further evinces the youth and inexperience of the creator(s).

what's even funnier is that these Olympics are all of five years off, so London City has a long time to bitch things up even further. but personally i hope this logo business isn't indicative of what's to come.

Dear London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, i'm kinda tryin to go, so get your fucking act together!

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