what's beef? german defense ministry v. tom cruise/scientology

courtesy of TIME.com:

Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg.

anti-Nazi, German officer. tried to assassinate Hitler in 1944. yeah.

Tom Cruise wants to try his hand at playing Herr von Stauffenberg. tries to get the German Defense Ministry to play along with his make-believe.


Cruise: "oh my gosh, why not you guys!?!? is it because i refused to come out of the closet (on South Park)?"

Defense Minister: "no, no Mr. Cruise. it is because you are down with zee Scientology."

if only we weren't so wrapped up in the hollow "freedom" rhetoric of the Constitution and so willing to be the sycophantic lapdogs of celebrities. maybe then we could call our deluded wackos as we see them. we should be so brave. this time, we should think like Germany.


surely, would-be Hitler assassin von Stauffenberg is granted hero status in this day and age, as modern Germany tries to eradicate their past with the same determination that their forebears tried to eradicate the Jews and other strains of "undesirables."

so we have to be delicate with who portrays our new age hero.


Cruise is denied permission to play von Stauffenberg/shoot at actual German Ministry locations because, quote, [he] "has publically professed to being a member of the Scientology cult."

cult? strong language Jerry. surely ALL "religions" are cults in their own special ways. but there is something seriously fucked up about a "church" that requires members to spend approx. 16,000 dollars for a "thetan auditing," (a mock evaluation in which members of the "church" determine your "thetan levels," or, how badly your soul is tainted by ancient alien souls. yeah). not to mention the business of quite literally basing your theocratic philosophy on science fiction novels.

at least someone, (matt stone and trey parker aside), has the balls to stand up to these fucks.

also, it prolly didn't help Cruise's cause that his "church" propagates the belief that Germany is [still] controlled by Nazis.

protect ya neck Tommy Boy!

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