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god bless amurrrica! sort of.

courtesy of Economist.com

"The street price of cocaine varies hugely across the world. No surprise that it is cheapest in Colombia, the world's biggest producer of coca: at $2, a gram costs less than a Big Mac. Geography is an obvious price factor. The farther away a country from the main producers in South and Central America, and the more isolated it is, the higher the cost to traffick there. In far-flung New Zealand, a gram costs a wallet-busting $714.30. But there are some pricing anomalies. Although the street price in Japan is several times higher than in Israel, Germany and Britain, the wholesale price in the countries is similar, around $46.40. In Canada the wholesale price is 50% more than in America, but Canadians pay 40% less on the street. It could be that policing is more zealous in some countries, or that there is less competition among suppliers."


Daniel Cardona said...

This Economist is spreading old news.

Bolivia is the new Costco for 'Polvo'. There leader has nationalized the petro companies (taking them from the Brazilian multinational), and that dude is 100% Andean Indian (not one of those Caucasian looking leaders from old colonial times).

And that man won the vote from his people by over looking the havesting of the coca plant, because that's how people survive over there. Plus Juan Evo is looking for a socialist future...imagine that communist sickle cutting a coca plant?

Daniel Cardona said...

Juan Evo was leader of the Cocalero movement/party.

Cocalero is a term that refers to the coca leaf growers of Peru and Bolivia. *That's like the Tobaco Lobby*

Evo Morales, who became president of Bolivia in 2006, is a leader of the cocalero movement in that country.

Cocalero is also the title of a documentary film directed by Alejandro Landes which chronicles Evo Morales' travels through Bolivia in his political campaign to become the first president of Bolivia from indigenous descent. The film was screened at the BAFICI and will be at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival as part of the World Cinema Competition: Documentary section.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 3.5 grams is about 150 dollars, so they have some crap numbers there..

badkarma750 said...

yeah. if you're paying almost the cost of an eightball for a G, your dealer is a crackhead and you're getting scammed.