don't be so wiggity wiggity wiggity wack!

ahhhh! remember fucking Kris Kross? jesus. it's really something that these two kids, who could've been completely snubbed by the hip-hop community, were not only commercially successful but also tastemakers. remember the backwards clothes shit! i used to rock that steelo like somebody was paying me to do it.

what's even wilder is that i went to the same elementary school as these cats. well kinda sorta almost. Calvert School had this enormous home schooling department called HID, acronym-speak for the the Home Instruction Department. occupied the basement level of our enormous school building. world-renowned home schooling curriculum.

we took a field trip to the external headquarters one year, and were pretty pumped to hear that Kris Kross and (ready for this?) Michael-fucken-Jackson were part of this program. works out well for touring kid musicians. peep the ad in the back of National Geographic.

Kris Kross'll make ya, jump, jump!

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