and in other news, authorities say that the Cartesian Crystalline Hoodwink has finally relinquished its grasp after intense negotiations.

ABC: what's wrong?

XYZ: my phylum's got me phrustrated.

i mean don't get me wrong. i'm completely satisfied with being a member of the Animal Kingdom. it's just that other taxon that's got me P.O.'ed right about now.

it's enough to make a kid wanna devolve about 200 million years and head for the Primordial Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. being a member of Chordata is fucken hard work man! and quite frankly, it's wearing down my cogs. (sigh)

ABC: sorry to hear that mate.

XYZ: yeah (double sigh). it's gotten to the point where i've spent the last few Sunday mornings going into the back, behind the shed, and digging up the lairs of (harmless Rat) snakes and grabbing 'em and biting their heads off. just to feel alive, ya know?

fuck. it's all so inwardly urgent.

i guess when it comes down to it, i'll help (them) as much as i'll hurt (them). and even i don't know who "they" are. yet.

sooo, what's next?

well... impate. as it's said in places near and far. but i'm hopeful. at least somewhat. ya gotta be.

yup. hopeful.

cerebral cortex don't fail me now. now if i could just get this phantom limb to start pulling its weight around here, maybe i could get some work done for a change.

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