Choppa Style, Chop-Chop Choppa Style!

Juvenile - Ha

"New track from Juvenile comin' up, so keep it locked!"

i remember the day pretty clearly. heart full of hope, tuned in to 92Q(Jams), finger readily poised over the record button. this was gonna be the leadoff for my football camp mixtape.

this first single from Juvey pretty much kicked off a commercial rap revolution, and established the South as a dominant force in hip-hop/rap. needless to say the years since have proven it to be a mixed blessing (i.e. Rap-A-Lot's resurgence vs. finger-snap bubblegum rap)

sure, it's arguable that Master P and No Limit got the jump, but there's no way you can convince me that Cash Money wasn't Percy's worst nightmare. ever since B.G.'s 'Bling Bling', off the "Chopper City in the Ghetto" album, the phrase has become an official part of our modern lexicon.

but when was the last time you heard somebody say they're "Bout It Bout It?" that's what the fuck i thought.

i love how back then, 20" rims were exotic, a prize among the hood set.

now it's all about being able to fit inside your rims.


ya betta run Forrest, run Forrest runnnn!

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Daniel Cardona said...

Bout It, Bout It...umm the guy that just got out of prison - still rocking that FUBU shirt, and some North Carolina color scheme Timberlands.

I do pretty well spotting those parolees...in a not so related note; when ODB went to prison he was clueless about 9-11-01 that's how locked down lock down can be (of course that could be misinformation).