go ninja go ninja go go go go go!

Vanilla Ice - Ninja Rap (From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

'90s-caliber cross-media marketing anyone?

Holy Shit! Truly a definitive force in the youth of KASAI.

Got my first piece of pussy as a young buck on account of spittin' this shit like hot fire.

Maybe 'piece of pussy' isn't really all that accurate. Because, let's be honest, 'twat' isn't really on the menu at 7, 8, or 9 years old. so yeah. more precisely, my mom's coworker's emotionally troubled slut daughter let me play 'OB/GYN' and shit.


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Daniel Cardona said...

Yea man, at 5 - 6 I was playing doctor like a mad scientist.

Shit until 3rd grade I used to make these forts in my home and just have my own bunker to go exploring (parents didn't know anything). I wonder how my willing subjects feel about it know??? **What happen to my seduction skills???**

At 9 a 13y/o slut sucked me off in my parent's closet while her younger brother was playing Mario 3 (my parent thought keeping the NES in their room controled matters). I got some Cherry 7-Up Bubble Yum to keep my mouth shut (talk about role reversal).