i'll be out by dinnertime.

And on that humid day, he received a note, concerning the matter of the State of Maryland Vs. Richardson, Kasai J.

And the document reads:

"The applicant/petitioner Richardson, Kasai of Baltimore, MD, having been found to be entitled to expungement of police records pertaining to the arrest, detention, or confinement of the applicant/petitioner on or about 10/31/2003 at PR.GEO.CO. (Prince George's County), Maryland by a law enforcement officer at the University of Md Police Dept. and the court records in this action, it is by the District Court of Maryland, this 12th day of March, 2004."

took 'em a while. but better late than never.

I'm Clean Bitches!

for some (fucking hilarious) background on what led to all this, peep the steez.

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