It's Worse Than Anthrax and Obliterates Free Will? Where The Fuck Can I Get Some? (1 of 9)

there may be some of you who believe that i am fucking about when i ponder where i can get some of this narcotic Plutonium. but obviously, you don't know me well enough (or at all).

otherwise, you would know that i am a total fucking scumbag and would literally give anything to get my hands on an unlimited supply of this Wunder-DRUKQ. mostly for personal, recreational use.

follow your nose, wherever it goes.

sure. all the narco-trafficking and civil war has turned a lot of Colombianos into "survivalists." but can you imagine what things would be like if this shit permeated the tenuous membrane of American drug culture? fuckemos!

add that to our coke/weed/heroin/crack/meth/gasoline/submachinegun/money/war/animal/tv/pussy/internet/blowtorch problem, and you've got a nation of mindfucked fools eager to go down on ANYTHING.

god bless Amurrrica!
god bless Spike Jonze!
god bless Vice TV!
god bless burundunga! i think... it is the Devil's Breath after all. yo well. somebody fucken bless it! or i'm gonna have to. and trust me, you don't want that. you really don't fucken want that.

nota bene: if any of these are giving you shit while loading, just click on the title of the post to watch them individually. pain in the ass yes. but it's either that or slipping it some Scopolamine and coercing into anal. anal and letting you watch it. surely it would oblige. now if only you had some Scopolamine. asshole.

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