Hey, Hey! There's a 15 kegger not too far from here!

I met these cats from greenpoint yestahdai who(m) showt me the video up theah. it's pretty fucken high-larious. basically, an experiment to get to the heart of the drunken frat dawg ethos. but soon, the student becomes the teacher (or sumthin like that), as a harmless round of 99 bottles of beer on the wall turns into a pagan ritual amidst faux wood panelling. My sides were aching after i watched this last night, and i thought it was only because i was stoned, but i watched again, and it truly is classic. and being a former frat dawg myself (to whom this seems all too familiar), even i can appreciate the beauty of this "bit."

check out more of this wonderful ish at Honor Patrol


Daniel Cardona said...

Back in 2002 I was invited to a gambling nite at some Frat. I cleaned them playing black jack - they only used 3 decks and I was counting card (...candy from a baby).

I was gonna burn the place down if they didn't pay me. But I guess that'd be doing them a favor.

Anonymous said...

thats really terrible....and for some reason i think counting cards is a bit more herb than being in a fraternity...why would you even attend a gambling night at a frat if you had such disdain for them