"Who The Fuck Got Them E Pills?!"

Guns N Bombs - Nothing Is Getting Us Anywhere

Videoclip from Angelenos and Kitsune soldiers Guns N Bombs, shot with friends in and around Echo Park. Directed by Jeppe Laursen (Senior from Junior Senior) and filmed with 70s-era video gear. Starring the musicians (IMAROBOT"s Filip Turbotito and Chicago DJ Johnny Love) and their wacky California friends frolicking about, evoking a scene of some sort of cocaine-soaked, Reaganite Rococo daydream. Now that you have background, let's get back to me. Because it is, after all, my show Ed. Don't you FUCKING forget it you senile FUCK. I'M JOHNNY FUCKING CARSON GOD DAMMIT!

This track makes me wanna get all fucken MadCHESTer and eat like 25 Es (and maybe blow a few more for extra credit) and fly across the river to Manhattan, just to cause some ELE-grade problems at Stereo, yeah. Maybe play some kickball, go visor shopping. Smoke a little weeeeeeed.  I know how much you kids love your marijuana. And why not keep the party train runnin' and shoot over to London City for a bit, on the wings of MDMA? Up for a Green Light Test yeah? 225 BPM or die. Safe as fuck.

Where my E pill bitches at? Cos ya need to give me a call around Thursday or Friday. Your country needs you. And by your country, of course I mean the seratonin and dopamine receptors in my rapidly deteriorating brain. Semper Fi.

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