Who You Calling Boy, Boy?

The Presets - My People (dir. Kris Moyes)

It truly is something that this video makes me want to eat massive amounts of both Ecstasy and DXM. Two wildly different animals. 

Blood In, Blood Out. (Reasoning).

MDMA: The Presets' Pussy-Pounding Pulse

DXM (b/k/a cough suppressant): Terror-soaked MoonView visuals 

Wascally Wabbits End Up With Their Chests Blown Out. Period.

Also interesting is that the last time I dropped pills (after a Cage show), I drove from a club to an apartment party at 6am, rolling my face off, listening to, you guessed it, The Presets. "Are You The One" to be exact.

(Pseudo-)Synchronicity. It's What's For Dinner And Shit.

So yeah. In summation: The Presets, dope; Modular, dope; Anything that significantly and permanently alters my brain's chemistry (for better or worse), super dope. 

Reach for the lasers, Safe as fuck.

P.S. For those among you who may be new to the nightmare, further insight into my epicly horrific, rehab-inducing experiences with Dextromorphan can be found HERE.

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Daniel Cardona said...

Pre- The Presets


*I'm leg pressing double decker buses NOW.



Hopefully, with the new stuff I'll be sprinting through Cambodian minefields.