Cut Off Your Hands. Feed Them To Me. Let Me See Your Heart's Vagina.

Some real blog shit. As told to Patrick Thomas Thompson. Born March 22, 1984. Native of Califon, New Jersey, Hunterdon County. Son of Don and Terry(sp?) Thompson. Brother of Don Jr. and Mike. Graduate of Vorhees High School and the University of Maryland, College Park. Member of the esteemed Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Delta Sigma Chapter. Devourer of beauty, connoisseur of disturbing art. Late bloomer in the metaphysical struggle amongst the machines, "God", time, the Seven Seas, mankind, the elite and the desire to be as entropic as possible.

Remember the TimeMachine as he is, not as you wish him to be. That goes for all of us, p.s.

i'm drinking alone in my bed, listening to aphex twin in my boxers, occasionally watching the video for sebastien tellier's "la ritournelle" and crying my eyes out.

i woke up this morning with pretty sizable chunks of cartilage on my pillow and i stepped on a piece of glass in the gallery and now it poss may be infected.

my body all but rejects anything that's not a cigarette, alcohol, a schedule 1 intoxicant or an MAO Inhibitor.

my checking account is overdrawn by an obscene amount (378.23 to be exact; don't ask).

my mother is like legitimately afraid that i'm going to kill myself (haha).

i make enemies a lot easier than friends and have basically been living the last scene of cloverfield for the last three weeks.

yet as i sit here, in the UVA shirt i stole from their bookstore during my campus visit junior year at Gilman, watching this (possibly underaged) girl get brutally facefucked by an impossibly massive cock, i can't help but think that i am a bigger beast than 96% of NYC.


roberto said...

on point.

Pia said...

you never cease to impress me