Suck Those Toes. She Off That Diet Coke, She On That Coke Diet.

To TimeMasheen...

If I go along with this whole Club Super Sexe vibe, you gotta promise me and mine that things will end up nearly, if not entirely, identical to what's depicted in this "screamo electronica" video. Bitches getting choked out, rented Ranges, poppin' bottles of sparkling cider, and more fake E than you can shake a giant black rubber cock at. Ya heard me!? Make 'em say unh.

Like the '80s never happened.

But on the real, this is everything that's wrong with society today. To think that the people involved with this shit will someday grow into decision-makers or managers of some sort maybe. Possibly even parents. Actually, wait, yeah def parents. You see that one Asian broad? Total teen preggo stat. Chalk it up. I would bet my unborn daughter's life on the fact that these fucks are either from Jersey (how many Jersey Shore soundtracks is this shit on?), Vegas/New Mexico/Phoenix or Orlando, home of the Backstreet Boys.

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