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KracK from Davvyk on Vimeo

Mo' Better Maths for that Aths...
Part of the Weekend Never Dies > A Cross The Universe

I can't pretend I didn't pay 75 bucks for a ticket to see them at MSG in March (didn't end up going though). I can't pretend that "Cross" hasn't fueled some of the more savage benders of my time. But still.

What's right is right.

And while we're on the subject of bloated-with-adulation, overhyped, soup du jour entities... I need soldiers for a concerted and consistent frontal assault on Hipster Runoff. Fuck that site. Is anyone (who's on the team that is) feelin' me here? HRO = wack city.

Can't wait for the backlash...

I'm bleeding. And it feels goooood.

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DNL CRDNA said...

Some dude dressed like Santa (Pardo) shot up a house and burned that mother fucker. A girl answered the door and he shot her in the face. HOHOHO!!!

That's better than seeing Ralphy getting the boot to the face push down the slide.