The Dying Christian.

my balls itch. nothing too intense, but still appreciable enough to cause concern. too bad this is america and i don't have insurance, and thus can't get it checked out by a balding, beady-eyed middle aged physician in a private room. oh well, hard and dirty living catches up to you every so often. i'm sure it's nothing right. right?!

well. nevermind. speaking of hard living, it seems that every few weeks or so, i'm presented with reminders of who the true beasts on this blue marble are, Keef of course standing atop Mt. Olympus, somewhere near the summit. I won't bore you with superfluous foolishness here (i.e. background, other anecdotes, etc.), but a parusing of google news presented a particular gem to me.

in an interview with UK music rag NME, the interviewer asked Keef what was the most intense thing he'd ever put up his nose.

giving the answer that only a true beast of this order could, he quickly replied that he snorted his dad once. back in '02. ol' Bert Richards kicked it, so Keef, honoring his old man's legacy, ground his ashes into some coke and ripped a few funerary hollywoods up his right nostril. asked what his dad would think of this behavior, he shot back that he wouldn't have given a shit. if only all our fathers could be so cool.

the guitarist also took some time during the article to shit on the libertines/arctic monkeys/bloc party (knowing that NME LOVES these bands), claiming that they're derivative "poser rubbish." whatev. i'm a huge fan of those three groups, but who fucking cares dude. this is keef. besides, the rolling stones (et al.) were entirely original when they stepped onto the scene four decades ago, right? originality is dead anyway, has been for a long time. but i have to admit that Keef shitting on the new breed is far more tolerable/justified than that faggot morrissey doing it. or even pete townshend for that matter (he referred to the blokes of arctic monkeys as 12-year old wankers haha).

regardless of the hateration on the young bucks, it doesn't get much better than this. it really doesn't. in Keef we trust.

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