Hip Hop esta muerte, no fuerte.

the less i know about this group/song/video the better, i just woke up to this nightmare this afternoon and unfortunately it's lodged in my head, so i'm detoxing with good music with catchy melodies in the hopes of shaking it loose.

i just use it to illustrate a rather disheartening point.

hip hop really is dead.

i'm so upset by the current trend in "urban" music that i can't piece together some striking, eloquent appeal, so i'll be brief.

where the fuck is new york? where the fuck is the bronx? where the fuck is harlem at? bk? queens? shaolin?


has the "laffy taffy" finger snap bullshit really silenced the hip hop epicenter of the universe? has hovah permanently destroyed the psyche of would-be hustlers turned rappers with his whole "i'm a business-man!" nonsense? has the stratospheric marketability of vapid southern rap totally diluted the viability of talented and conscientious northeastern hip-hop artists? have mtv and bet completely ruined the hip-hop spirit?

southern rap does certainly have its merits (read: clipse's hell hath no fury, good to smoke blunts to, perfect drive by soundtrack), but ya basta. enough is enough! a change has gotta come, and since LA is generally on some bullshit, i was kind of hoping that the beast coast would stand and deliver.

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