in the 90s optimistic as a teen... now it's terror, everything's crashed into towers, into towers.

fucking 90s. jesus. back when video games advertised new and improved sound effects right alongside "state of the art graphics." seems like only yesterday. those care-free afternoons at my friend kyle's spot (he had snes, i had genesis), perfecting every combo with a clergyman's diligence. no thoughts of booze or tail or drugs or sportsbikes or gear.


only throwing down some sonic booms with guile as his air force cronies cheered me on. but vega was my fave. yeah. the muchachas sweated vega. hard.

most people thought he was wack, a little too effeminate, but the way he fucked cats up in the cage with that claw proved he was no homo. plus those individuals obviously didn't understand the deification of bullfighters in their homelands. they're the shit.

honestly, i had completely forgotten about the part where you fuck up the dude's acura legend with your bare hands and feet for bonus cash so you can buy blow for chun li.

street fighter II turbo. raised a generation of boys, letting them know it's okay to kick a little ass every now and then. in fact, it's your duty.

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