I Need Drugs!

jesus h! this song used to be really near and dear to my heart you guys. kinda cutesy even. play it for cool people at work maybe and get a laugh. all that's fucked up after seeing this video though. one look at uncle howie shooting up and it's like fuck, the addict's life, in my face, for real this time. i almost can't even pay attention to the lyrics with all this dope drama going on in the background. and the fucking vintage camcorder aesthetic (you know, the shit the size of a samsonite, vhs tapes, shoulder mounted, goofy as fuck?) adds to the griminess tenfold.

if ONDCP were smart/effective/tuned in at all, a. they'd stop trying to get kids to stop/never start smoking weed, and b. they'd launch their new front with this video as their all-star PSA.

one look at this shit and all the gateway drug stuff is instantly validated.

"no kid grows up saying, i wanna be a junkie," proclaims mr. voiceover.

yeah, well, make it visceral uncle sam. introduce the kids to uncle howie. haha. to a real fucking maniac and not some drama major asshole from connecticutt but no, as usual, the war on drugs wastes our time, cash, and resources pussyfooting around the issue.

bottom line, stop wasting my money you fucks.

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