Eurotrash, DB Drag, and Lots of Gold Chains. Paris is in the Building.

i was going through a serious ed banger, paris, french touch scene trip some months back. a follow-up to my 'scandanavia is the shit' trip, which of course was preceded by my 'king-kong ain't got shit on clipse' end-of-'06 bent.

just thought i'd share some lesser known ed banger greatness with the unsatisfied masses. dj mehdi's the bomb-diggity son. i wasn't convinced of this until a dj spun "i am somebody" at a club here and i enjoyed it/danced to it without the ecstasy crutch. my litmus test for the purity of this genre i suppose. and this version of signatune's been reworked from it's original length (about 1.5 min) to full track status by thomas bangalter.

fitting, as recent download sprees have evidenced that with the success of ed banger's flagship model, justice, every fucking electronic artist seems to want to shamelessly emulate the post-Discovery sound of le Daft Punk. but whatev, if you're gonna bite, don't bite shit i guess.

p.s. not to get all remix-mad, but the ZZZ rmx of signatune is pretty dope too, if you can hunt it down.

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