i wanna take you to a gay bahhhh.

i learned from VICE TV today that gay guys have a deep aversion towards cologne. they, at least the leathermen among them, prefer "the natural smell of a man." i would think you would want to cover that shit up as best as was humanly possible, but what do i know? it's news to me, as during that torturous and sexual harrassment-filled year and a half working in the gay stronghold that was the IKEA corporate office here, i'd never heard such a sentiment. you learn something new everyday, huh?

and if you're wondering what all this leatherman noise is all about, no opie, i'm not talking about your dad's handy all-in-one, multipurpose tool. it goes a little deeper than that.

there's an explanation, but that dog's gonna have to hunt.


no cushy and convenient youtube window. take it up with VICE. here's the hyphylink in case you wanna step your leatherman game up, and god only knows you do. plenty of new york leather bars, high-priced gay sex shops, erotic haircuts, hard house music, and the incomparable Baby Balls himself:

p.s. i fucks with VICE TV, especially the "Shot By Kern" episodes. basically a middle-aged scumbag who artfully cons 19 year old girls into letting him take "tasteful nude shots." and who doesn't love titties these days; they make the world go round.

leathermen i guess.

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