Smooth Operator.

coming home the other day, i had a strong desire to listen to some Sade. particularly smooth operator, as that saxophone solo was absolutely fucking my world up and i just had to hear it. of course i forgot about it a few minutes later. i'm a firm believer in instant gratification and she isn't on my ipod.

but while perusing youtube, i stumbled upon the director's cut of the smooth operator video. you gotta love a nine minute long storyline-music vid .

for those of you who don't know, Nigerian-born Sade Adu is a renowned soul, pop, urban, and adult contemporary vocalist, noted for her soulful, smoky contralto. back when sony/columbia/epic really was epic. back when the music business was worth a damn, more than just ringtones.

now i've got the "Best Of" cd in the house, so it would follow that i have the world at my fingertips right?


i'm trying to listen to this ish on a reel-to-reel (preferably like the one in Mrs. Marcellus Wallace's home in Pulp Fiction). really get the feel for things. i could do without the accidental overdose though. too much of that'll kill ya.

so in closing, if you're out there, and you have a reel-to-reel similar to the one in Pulp Fiction, and you don't mind parting with it, and you don't mind covering the shipping, please, by all means, get at me.

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