i will heretofore be known as the Anthropophagous Beast aka the Neverending Hologram. Referring to me as Kasai will get you nowhere from here on out.

a poem for suzie. who's suzie one might ask. doesn't matter, neither here nor there:

the robot lizards could not amass
much far beyond the desert pass
we hoped and hoped and prayed and prayed
the police knew not that we were yayed
finish your mutton you lascivious chaps
i'll take you back to the age of flaps
when men were men and lasses fair
with bows and ribbons in their hair
the witless curse that gleeful eon
fear not boyo they're only peons
tiny hands and shrunken faces
a flavorful compendium of all the races
kids must be kids and rushed to their bunks
i've found in my years that we're nothing but drunks.

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