baby you're gettin so lazycrazyswayze lately, won't chu come down from that tree and date me?

"There is a mountain of snow,
Up past the big glen,
We have a castle enclosed,
There is a fountain,
Out of the fountain flows gold,
Into a HUGE hand,
That hand's a held by a bear,
Who has a sick band,
Of goats and cats and pigs and bats,
With brooms and bats and wings and rats,
And great big dogs like kings and queens,
And everyone plays drums and sings,
Of big sharks, sharp swords,
Beast knees, bees lords,
Sweet cakes, mace lakes,
Oh mamamamamamama
- Dan Deacon, "Wham City," courtesy of Baltimore City Paper


The Conformist's Choice said...

if you post everyday i will comment everyday. and your research on slobodans first born was fantastic!

badkarma750 said...

you've got yourself a deal mr. gannon. if that is your real name?! ps, that anecdote about the former motorcycle gang member i met from hawaii is a blueprint for your life.

The Conformist's Choice said...

shit man, im 3/4 there already. im really disappointed how the tourism industry just kind of glosses over the whole meth aspect of hawaii. i mean 4 and a half years in business school has taught me that
A) the highest per capita instance of methamphetamine abuse in the country
B) the cultural acceptance of creative expression and experimentation
leads to a pretty obvious core competency --> competitive advantage. Sure I can swill rum and burn one down in the caribbean, but can i find myself perilously perched on a volcanic glass cliff over a live lava field as im coming out of my meth haze? i dunno, maybe they market the whole hawaii experience differently to the japanese. theres a ton of them over here and they all look like the type of people who enjoy mass bukake, the concept of a renegade shooting spree and a hentai marathon all started with the ingestion of a few possibly controlled substances.