you were such a p.y.t.? i think it means pretty young thing, you know mj, paul? right.

this is the video for the lead-off single from Justice's forthcoming album "(cross)," due this summer. i'm not going to plead with you not to download the leaked songs like those cats over at palms out sounds.


that would be a bit hypocritical.

but i will admit that, in the words of drama jade, i have "justice fever." for those of you not thoroughly engaged to the hipster circuit, Justice is kinda what you get if you remove the helmets from the Daft Punkers and sell them bunk e pills. only instead of coming at you with the hammers, Justice chooses to lay down floor-burning (excuse the cliche) original tracks and remixes as their revenge. take that you scamming bunk e seller!

and yeah, i know, i know. there were unfinished videos, radio rips, and a whole rack of remixes floating about the interweb long before now. but i felt it more appropriate to feature the finished version of Jonas and Francois' video. plus, listening to/watching things months after they drop is the new downloading "promotional use only" music videos from a parisienne server.

i still haven't heard a second of the first arctic monkeys album. but i'm told it's flat out fantastic.

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