fuck warp records!

This is the 1stAveMachine-produced video for Warp Records artist Clark's single, TED, from the album, Body Riddle.

Little Skittle with a pony in the middle. eats ice cream off its belly in the hot noon sun. i like ice cream. i eat it in the bathtub sometimes, though i'm not s'posed to. might get electrocuted. i make my own ice cream. i don't trust ben and jerry after what they did to my animals. especially my munky. he is sooooo not chunky!

as a child, or rather, earlier in life, (as i still am a child in many ways; a lot of us are, despite appearances), i used to be really into insects. i had a veritable library of books on them, as well as numerous apparati for the collection of said insects.

we had an enormous dead tree behind the house and i would forage through the soft, bristling deadwood in the brutal summer heat, collecting various beetles (i almost forgot how to spell beetles; thanks john, paul, george, and ringo), flying things, "true bugs," salamanders, and the occasional mantis.

the city sent a crew to clear out that portion of those woods one year, and i became more interested in sports and twat than antennae and abdomens. so insects and i have a strained relationship these days. to say the least.

but i guess i should patch things up.

there's a billion of THEM for every one of US, and they've been here for 400 million years. probably be HERE for that long once WE are gone. if there's a HERE left that is.

big ups to 1stAveMachine for restoring my love affair with the insect.

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