i am the immortal eye of god, collapsing in upon myself for all to see and hear and feel and touch and breathe and live and taste and smell and think.

YouTube user RuneOfTruth writes:
"Once again I don't think many of you even attempted to search LSD on wiki. I'm not supporting the use of LSD but what I was trying to get across is that you can't die from taking LSD. If someone died from a bad trip its because they had mental issues to begin with. And honestly how many people do you know are in a drug rehab because of ACID eh? Yeah thats what I thought...usually alcohol, cause one bad trip with this stuff and you stay away from it. Trust me."

can't die from it, huh? haha. yeah. ok. spoken like a man of stable mind. spoken like an asshole who doesn't understand how dark it can get and how deep it really goes. spoken like a spectator.

and how many people do you know in rehab period, Rune? you'd be surprised what cats get committed for these days. there was a guy in my group who was into freebasing pulverized paint thinner at one time in his sad, desperate life. and as much as i'd like to trust you and take your word for it that one bad trip will deter one from repeated use, i have it on good authority that i go through phases where i actively seek out bad trips.

maybe i'll watch hyperviolent horror movies (muted of course) on an endless loop. blare some really intimidating idm or industrial music. maybe write notes to myself before the trip starts that say "you're dead!" or "how could you have killed them?!" and leave them around the room for me to find later. always makes for a good time.

i am not alone in this quest.

as for the video.

i think my favorite part has to be when he proclaims that taking acid can be "more important than reading the bible six times or becoming a Pope." not once. six times! becoming a Pope he said!

fucken awesome.

you see that you fork-tongued zealot swine? even a child can recognize the arbitrary nature of your sacred books.

they're just that. books.

an overwrought moral guideline from two millenia ago crafted most likely by a group of, well, zealots, who probably didn't like what they saw around them and felt compelled to make a change, no matter the externalities. certainly not a reason to kill anyone, or sacrifice anything, or totally skirt the bounds of reason and sanity.

this kid's got perspective, and is hipper to the game than about 97% of so-called "adults" at any given time. and the other kid's just as beast, even if he isn't much of a talker. and if a potent psychoactive hallucinogenic compound is what it takes to get you miserable fucks to turn around and quit your wacky ways, then so be it. lsd as a core component of the school lunch program then, eh? mild doses administered to the milk of every boy and girl. milk does a body good. acid does a consciousness weird.

i'd really like to have a sit down with these little fuckers, really trip the lights fantastic with them. i've blown blunts with two 78 year old men, so dropping tabs with 10 year old hippies doesn't seem so far fetched. a man can dream, can't he?

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