i'm the son of a bad man!

speaking of bringin chaos to blocks like the riots in watts, i stumbled upon this vid of Stax Records legends the Bar-Kays performing "Son of Shaft." footage is from a PBS doc entitled "Wattstax" from a few years ago. pretty good stuff. you should peep it.

though this concert (billed as the "Black Woodstock) was put on in Watts, LA, only a few years after the hellacious riots there, it turned out to be a positive and powerful shindig. really furthered the "black-is-beautiful" ethos that extended from the Black Power movement. no "incidents" either.

and as for the Bar-Kays, if you need to ask, please get your Weight up, not your Hate up. too much hipster nonsense is bad for the S.O.U.L. friend.

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