don't speak 'cos yr mind is amazing.

here we see a stripper type ("kup kakes") shaking her ass for the entire interweb to see. seems her daddy failed the only mission a man with a daughter has: to keep her off the pole. but whatev, parenting's tough i've heard, so i can't knock the poor bastard i guess. and besides that's not why we're here.

nope. we're here because kup kakes embodies a societal problem as old as time itself: white chicks trying to be rump-shaking, tip drill girls. ladies, ladies. there's no legitimate reason for this sort of behavior. i know there may be some ass envy among you, but face it, what's done is done. there are indeed several instances where kup kakes suffers from a case of mistaken identity (supahead et al. perhaps?). it's really quite embarrassing and frankly, a bit of a turn off. but that's just me.

but that's okay. that's why He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, the Tetragrammaton himself invented fucking ridiculously big breast implants. call it compensation, balancing the ass equation a bit. and don't even get me started on the butt implants i'm hearing so much about. don't EVEN get me started.

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